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Here at Nudge we like to offer more to our clients, which is why every website we build is designed to be responsive. Having a responsive website is very important, because a responsive website adapts to the device it is being viewed on. With around half of all website visits happening via tablet or smartphone, you can see why it is important to give these users the best viewing experience possible.

A responsive website shouldn’t just be a smaller version of the main desktop website, it should offer certain features that are only available on a smartphone or tablet. One such feature built in as standard by Nudge Websites is our Lines Open – Lines Closed app.

When a potential client visits your website via their smartphone, the app is clearly visible in the form of a phone icon in the header.

Nudge Responsive Websites Lines Open

Along with your logo and mobile menu, the phone icon leaves no doubt as to its purpose. Google Analytics reports show that this feature is something that users love to have. After all, they’re viewing from their smartphone so why not give them something that uses it!

When clicking on the icon, the smartphone-standard calling screen pops up as follows, giving the user the option of calling you right away or saving your number to their contact list in order to call you later.

Nudge Websites Lines Open Call

That’s great for when your business is open, but what happens if the potential client is viewing your website outside normal business hours? That’s easy. In the Lines Open scenario above, the phone icon displayed is green and a click on it opens up the calling screen. Outside normal business hours however, the potential client sees this phone icon:

Nudge Websites Lines Closed Icon

In this example, the colour has changed to red and clicking on it brings up a different option altogether, as the following screenshot highlights:

Nudge Websites Lines Closed Enquiry Form

Outside normal business hours, a smartphone friendly contact form pops up on screen giving the user the opportunity to fire off a quick message – while the urge to get in touch is still fresh in their mind. Again, our Google Analytics reports show that this method of getting in touch is by far the most popular of all contact methods on responsive websites. It’s unobtrusive, highly functional and looks very professional.

There are many reasons why businesses should own a website, but the single most important reason should be to bring in more business. The more you do that makes it easier for the potential client to get in touch with you, the easier it will be to achieve that aim. The Lines Open – Lines Closed app is one small example of going that extra mile for the customer. Good first impressions stick.

Get off to the best possible start with a Nudge Responsive Website, where such features are included as standard – every time!


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