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Websites for the motor industry are something of a speciality for Nudge Websites. We have built many websites for garages and used car dealerships, but we also have a wealth of experience serving many other business sectors. In a lot of cases, what works in one field of business is likely to work in another – but that isn’t always the case.

The motor industry covers a large area of expertise. From car servicing to vehicle hire, from used car sales to mot and repairs. Some of these businesses specialise in one or the other, while others offer the whole range of services. This particular online market is vast and the competition is all around you. Enter car servicing hull in a Google search and you will see what we mean by the competition: 235000 results. Used car sales hull is close to 1.2 million!

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Stand out from the crowd

Nudge websites for garagesWith so much competition all vying for the same online traffic, what are you doing to make your website stand out from the crowd? Having a professional looking website is a given. If your site doesn’t look up to much, the chances are that your visitors are going to think the same of your service and move on to the next site.

If you have a professional looking website the next step is to ensure the content is of a professional standard. The following sections will show you how you can make your website get ahead of the competition – and stay there.

Car Servicing

If your garage offers car servicing, your potential customers are really only after one thing, how much is it going to cost? A lot of websites display something along the lines of “Full Service From £whatever”, but how helpful is that really? If the price is good it could tempt someone to give you a call, only for them to feel cheated when you tell them it’s going to be more than that for their particular vehicle.

The solution is to show them exactly what it is going to cost! Nudge Websites have developed a cost-effective solution that can be plugged in to any new or existing website and displays your prices individually tailored to their vehicle.

The software interfaces with a VRM database containing all UK registered vehicles and cross references these with your own car servicing price list. This allows us to build a solution tailor-made for your business and offers your customer exactly what they are looking for.

Step 1

The customer enters their vehicle registration number in the online form, along with any additional information such as the vehicle mileage. Their vehicle details are then returned along with an image of the model type.

Nudge websites for garages - Stage 2
Nudge websites for garages - stage 3

Step 2

Once the vehicle details are confirmed, the customer is presented with a list of options dependent upon the types of service you offer and the price thereof. The “info” icon when selected displays more information regarding the service type. The customer makes their choice(s), with the total price updating dynamically in the pricing section.

Nudge websites for garages - stage 4

Step 3

The customer enters their details and is presented with a summary of their requirements. Once submitted, they receive a confirmation email and you the garage owner receive an email containing all of the information entered in the form.

The whole process is quick, easy and gives your business the air of professionalism that will make it stand out from the crowd.

Nudge websites for garages - stage 5
Nudge websites for garages - stage 6
Nudge Car Servicing Websitea
Nudge websites for garages - stage 8

To speak to someone about having this excellent feature on your website, please call 07572 258788 or click the Get a quote button below. We promise you won’t regret it!

Coming soon

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